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The Microscopy Articles and Resources page is a one-stop destination for individuals interested in learning more about the fascinating world of microscopy. This page features a wide range of resources, including articles, tutorials, and guides, that provide a comprehensive overview of the field. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or hobbyist, you’ll find information on the latest advancements in microscopy, as well as tips and tricks for using different types of microscopes. From basic principles to advanced techniques, this page has something for everyone who wants to learn more about the microscopic world.

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Expansion Microscopy: Key things to know

Advances in biology and medicine are not just in the form of new devices or products. Rather, new methodologies are blazing trails, and microscopy techniques are no exception! In a recent article, Wassie et al describes a new optical microscopy technique that they describe as “expansion microscopy.” They discovered that preserved biological specimens could be physically expanded in an isotropic fashion through a chemical process. Expansion microscopy, shortened to “ExM,” enables nanoscale imaging of biological […]

Polarizing Microscopes: Let’s talk about them!

Polarizing microscopes are amazing, and polarized light microscopy is an essential technique in many laboratories and scientific disciplines. They’re particularly good at examining the nature of crystals in geologic samples and analyzing details in biological structures. In this article, we’ll review some common questions you may have about polarizing microscopes and how to get started yourself. What are Polarizing Microscopes? As stated above, polarizing microscopes are used to image transparent or otherwise difficult-to-image specimens and […]

Compound Microscopes for Any Budget

Compound microscopes are microscopes that are combined with other lenses in order to magnify the images captured by them. They are generally used in scientific laboratories to analyze small particles such as cells, viruses, bacteria and tissue samples. If you’re just getting started with compound microscopes or are a seasoned professional, here are three compound microscopes that are great for any budget. Meiji MT-31 entry level compound microscope with integrated digital camera Product Link A […]

Leica microscopes for clinicians

It’s hard to go wrong with Leica microscopes. When you want to rest easy knowing you’ll get unbeatable quality, you’ll want to rely on a brand with a reputation for delivering decades of quality. Especially for clinical settings where research quality and efficiency means better healthcare outcomes. Check out these recommended Leica products for clinical settings. Leica DM1000 LED Clinical Microscope Product Link The Leica DM 1000 is one of the most trusted clinical microscopes […]

Wavefront Coding: Better 3D Images

Light field microscopy is pretty amazing. It was first presented by Leroy et. al in 2006 and 2009 and then improved upon in 2013. It’s a method that allows for single-snapshot, volumetric imaging. In short, it works by using a micro-lens array in the optical path of a fluorescence microscope and records both the spatial and angular distribution of the light to reconstruct full, three-dimensional images. But it has some limitations, namely, it can only […]

Refurbished microscopes that are a great deal

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing refurbished microscopes. First and foremost is cost. The savings alone are enough reason to go the route of refurbished products. A second benefit of refurbished microscopes is their environmental friendliness, which helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills and the need to wholly replace models that might be 80% functional but only need a few new parts. Check out our refurbished models in stock now! Refurbished […]

Top Meiji Microscopes for Researchers

Meiji Techno is the third-largest manufacturer of optical microscopes in Japan. Originally known as Azuma Optics, it quickly established a reputation for high quality and fast delivery. In 1975, the company reformed into Meiji Techno and has been delivering excellent products ever since! Here are some of the top Meiji microscopes for researchers! Meiji MT-420 University Laboratory Microscope Product Link The Meiji MT-420 is a perfect microscope for college-level researchers. This model is built with […]

Food Science Microscopy Uses and Techniques

Food science is a fascinating field. It combines physical, chemical, and biochemical sciences into one exquisite dish: the study of foods! There are several uses for food science. Product developers might want to understand what makes something taste better. Distributors might be interested in what causes food to deteriorate and how to slow the process. Even before food hits the shelves, agricultural scientists are studying crops in order to understand their produce at a molecular […]

Industrial Stereo Microscopes

Metallography is the branch of science dealing with the study of the composition and structure of metals and alloys, its control through processing, and its influence on properties and behavior. In order to conduct this cutting-edge research, you’ll need the right tools! Here are some recommendations of the best Industrial Stereo Microscopes. Meiji EMZ-5 + MA502 + F + MU Industrial Stereo Microscopes Product Link Meiji’s EMZ-5 body delivers sharp, high-contrast images and an excellent […]

Clinical Compound Microscopes for Every Budget

From biomedical research institutions to hospitals, clinical compound microscopes are on the front lines of advancing the health care industry and improving patient outcomes. Here are recommended products that will guarantee high-performance no matter your budget. Meiji MT-40 LED binocular microscope Product Link The Meiji MT-40 Series provides a plethora of robust features at a fraction of the cost. This model has several ergonomic features, such as a 30° inclined binocular and low-positioned coaxial focus […]

Advantages of Digital Microscopes

Digital microscopes are optical microscopes equipped with a digital camera. One of the best features of digital microscopes is that their images can be observed and analyzed directly on a computer monitor, which creates several advantages. What are the advantages of digital microscopes? Ergonomics One of the best advantages of these microscopes is the ergonomic benefits they provide. If you use traditional microscopes very frequently, you’re familiar with some of the challenges they cause to […]

Microscope Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Microscopes are expensive tools, but periodic microscope preventative maintenance can protect your investments! Read our checklist here: Periodic Inspection One of the best care techniques for your microscope is a periodic inspection of the device itself. Look for any damaged or malfunctioning components. Make note of these issues and have any broken components serviced right away. When you can nip issues in the bud, they are often much less expensive to fix. Keep a Record […]