Mitutoyo MF Measuring Microscope 64PKA092A Package


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Mitutoyo MF Measuring Microscope 64PKA092A package includes:

176-861-10 MF-A1010D measuring microscope with accuracy that is highest in its class and conforms to JIIS B 7153, 3x Objective and binocular eyetube, illumination unit (reflectable/transmitted) selectable from a high-intensity LED, quick release mechanism useful for moving the stage quickly when measuring workpieces that are large in size or quantity, and dedicated camera port that allows for simultaneous eyepiece and digital output.  Stage travel is 4 x 4″ in the X/Y axes and 6″ in the Z axis.  Stage is 11×11″ and the effective glass size is 7×7″.

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Industrial, Measuring, Metallurgical



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Compound Microscopes, Specialty