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The Motic AE2000 is an inverted microscope ideal for live cell inspection. This microscope is a trusted model in universities, laboratories, and routine clinical environments all around the world. This model comes equipped with two comfortable binocular eye tubes which can swivel 360°. This model also comes equipped with completely adjustable lighting.

This model features 3W LED illumination and comes with an automatic on/off function that extends the lifespan of both the microscope’s lighting source and the sample. The Motic AE2000 has rotating objectives that can magnify specimens 4x, 10x, or 20x phase with both ease and comfort. The stage on this particular model was designed to be easily cleaned and flexible for a wide variety of different specimens. The Motic AE2000 is a highly regarded inverted microscope on the market today.

Product Specifications:

  • Binocular eyepieces which can swivel 360°
  • Auto on/off function for lighting sensitive specimens
  • Designed to allow for an easy lighting change
  • Rotating objectives which can magnify specimens 4x, 10x,  or 20x respectively
  • Easily cleanable and flexible stage

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