Accu-Scope EXI-310-PH Inverted Phase Microscope




The compact design of this inverted microscope makes it the ideal model for routine laboratory culture work. This model comes equipped with an Infinity optical system with antifungal properties and a standard camera port. The Siedentopf trinocular head is inclined at a comfortable 45° and offers 10x/20 millimeter focusable eyepieces with roll down eye guards. The Accu-Scope EXI-310 has a side facing quintuple nosepiece and includes 4x bf, 10x ph, and 20x ph plan objectives. The fixed plain stage comes equipped with glass and aluminum insert plate. This model features a ELWD condenser, a precentered phase slider, and a secondary slider for filters. Samples are easily illuminated with a long lasting 25,000 hour LED. Any microscope sample can be easily brought into focus with the coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs. Accessories include a green filter, ground glass, and dust cover.

Product Specifications:

  • Infinity Plan Optic system with antifungal properties
  • Siedentopf trinocular head inclined at 45°
  • 20 mm field of view 10x focusable eyepieces and roll down eye guards
  • Side facing quintuple nosepiece
  • Objectives 4x BF, 10x PH, 20x PH
  • Fixed plain stage with glass and aluminum insert plates
  • ELWD condenser
  • Precentered phase slider and secondary slider for filters
  • Long lasting 25000 hour LED
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs
  • Green filter and ground glass
  • Dust cover

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