Unitron Z12 Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope w/Plain Stand 11200-T


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The Unitron Z12 is designed for numerous different industrial and life science applications. The trinocular head comes with 30° inclination and a 50/50 split. The10x widefield eyepieces have a 23 millimeter field of view with a built in diopter adjustment and roll down eye guards. The zoom ratio of this model is an impressive 12.5:1. The common main objective system has a magnification range between 8x-100x (using 10x eyepieces) with clickstops. The choice of stands is customizable for the user’s needs and can be chosen from a plain focus stand, a diascopic stand, or an LED transmitted stand.

Product Specifications:

  • Common main objective system, 1x S-Apo obj
  • 78mm’s working distance
  • 30 degree inclined trinoc, 50/50 split
  • Optional tilt trinoc available
  • Widefield 10x/23mm focusing eyepieces
  • 8-100x magnification w/10x eyepieces
  • Zoom ratio 12.5:1
  • Auxiliary objectives available
  • Plain stand w/coaxial focusing
  • Optional stands available

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Education, Industrial, Life Science



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Stereo Microscopes