Unitron Zoom HD Digital Macro Zoom Inspection System 14711-TS

$2,115.00 $1,903.50


Unitron Zoom HD digital macro zoom inspection system on track stand with integrated monitor featuring:

Built-in 2.0MP, CMOS camera and software with on-screen controls

Wireless mouse

1.0x lens, WD 110mm

Optical zoom lens 0.7x – 5x with click stops

Integrated LED ringlight with adjustable intensity, color temperature, 5000-5500k

1080P HDMI output (20′ HDMI cable included), 2 x USB 2.0 ports

100/240v 50/60HZ; 12V, 3.3A power consumption

Track stand with dovetail mount

12″ integrated HD monitor with HDMI cable

>Other configurations are available — ask for quote