The must-knows about magnification

If you’re new to the world of microscopy, it can feel as though there are a lot of things to learn. You may have already purchased your microscope, but when it comes to learning advanced topics, the path forward may not seem clear. One great place to start would be learning more about magnification. After all, magnification is obviously an important topic given the subject matter. Read below for a few pointers on where to […]

Three interactive microscope lessons perfect for STEM students

And… we’re off! The school year has begun and on top of normal early-year craziness, we have a global pandemic in the mix. Some instructors are trying to plan remotely, others are trying to social distance in their classrooms, and some have a mix of in-person and distance learning. But one thing all teachers have in common is the need for engaging course content. If you’re able to pull out your microscopes this year, here […]

How to use microscopes in remote learning classrooms

How to use microscopes in remote learning classrooms For some of us, the last few months have been constant Zoom calls with occasional breaks for life in between. To add to the experience, those of us with kids (whether our own or one’s we teach) have needed to keep them entertained throughout the day while trying to manage remote learning. While some schools are as back to routine as they can be, others are prepared […]

Microscope lens

Three great brands in the world of microscopy

Three great brands in the world of microscopy Whether you are brand new to the world of microscopy or are a seasoned professional, purchasing a new microscope is a big deal. Microscopes are expensive and delicate pieces of research equipment, and you want to ensure you are both selecting a model that meets your research needs, but is also durable and high-quality. Just like any other big purchases in your life, you turn to the […]

Making microscopy a snap: the top camera accessories for clinicians

There was a time when digital photography in the world of microscopy was a luxury. Historically only found in advanced research labs, digital microscopes allowed for crisp, clear images and the ability to share those findings easily. However, nowadays more microscopes are available with digital imaging capabilities built right in. But that doesn’t mean you need to purchase a completely new microscope if you want to take advantage of these features. An attachable camera unit […]

Best UNITRON products for any budget

If you’re looking for a new microscope for various applications, search no further than UNITRON. There are many reasons to choose UNITRON over other leading brands, but it all comes down to one word: quality. Sure, every brand says that quality is a cornerstone of their products, but UNITRON is doing a lot more than just talking. In their over 50 years of operation, UNITRON has integrated quality assurance processes at every step of their […]

Speed up your workflow with these products

While the world of microscopy offers abundant discoveries, sometimes your base microscope doesn’t have all the premium features you need to facilitate your workflow. Especially if you work in a setting where microscopes are a core component of your workflow, every second counts. Keep reading to see our recommendation for the best stools to speed up your workflow and keep you happy.   Precision Measuring If you regularly need to make extremely precise measurements of […]

Three microscopes that are great for the classroom

While the school year is coming to an end, educators around the country are already thinking of their 20-21 academic curriculum. Along with curriculum comes planning for classroom supplies, and Microscope Stop has all your classroom microscope needs covered! If you’re looking for a perfect combination of affordability and quality, check out these three microscopes that are great for the classroom. Accu-Scope EXM-150-MS Microscope The Accu-Scope EXM-150-MS Microscope is one of the best starting microscopes […]