Motic AE31 Elite Trinocular Inverted Microscope 1100100200841


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The Motic AE31 Elite Trinocular is an inverted microscope ideal for both clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories. This model is one of the most sensitive, durable, and ergonomic designs on the market today and features long working distance objectives with both Brightfield and Phase contrast. This model was designed to be both affordable and easily upgradable to suit any additional laboratory needs. This Motic AE31 Elite has a Siedentopf Trinocular head inclined at a comfortable 45° with 10x adjustable eyepieces. What sets this model apart is its side facing quintuple nosepiece and CCIS Plan achromat objectives. To increase ease of the user this model also has a built in phase slider and comes with a phase centering telescope. The Motic AE31 Elite Trinocular also features Koehler illumination with a long lasting 30W halogen bulb. This model comes equipped with 45 millimeter blue and green filters, a power cord, Allen hexagonal key, and a dust cover.

Product Specification:

  • Siedentopf trinocular head with a 45° inclination and 10x /20 eyepieces
  • Brightfield and Phase contrast
  • Fluorescence upgradeable
  • Side facing quintuple nosepiece
  • CCIS Plan achromat objectives PL 4x BF, 10x PH, and 20x PH
  • 72mm ELWD condenser
  • Phase centering telescope
  • Köhler illumination with long lasting halogen bulb
  • 45 mm blue filter and green filter
  • Power cord, Allen hexagonal key, and dust cover

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Clinical, Education, Life Science



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