Leica A60F Stereomicroscope


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The Leica A60F is a stereo microscope ideal for anyone working in electronics or medical device manufacturing. This device comes equipped with 10x eyepieces and a 38° binocular viewing angle ideal for long term observation. The zoom adjustment is easily suitable and adaptable to any user and can magnify objects between a range of 5x and 30x. This particular model comes equipped with a comfortable and hassle-free focus knob to easily bring samples into focus. The 13.6mm depth of field combined with the 46mm object field reveals up to 80% more of the surface sample, which is much more than most stereo microscopes on the market. This model is not just versatile in its magnification and ergonomic capabilities, its lighting is both comfortable and adjustable as well. The Leica A60F comes equipped with a long-lasting and adjustable LED and a removable light diffuser so workers can make easy adjustments as well as see their samples clearly and comfortably. This model comes with the A60F flex arm which allows the microscope to easily move over large areas with ease. The Leica A60F measures 35.6cm high by 119cm wide by 17.4cm long making it one of the most powerful but compact designs on the market today.

Product Specifications:

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable binocular tube and 10x eyepieces
  • 38° viewing angle suitable for long term observation
  • 5x to 30x magnification range
  • Long lasting adjustable LED lighting
  • Removable light diffuser
  • Easily adjustable zoom
  • Comfortable focus knobs
  • A 46mm object field
  • A 13.6mm depth of field
  • A60F compact flex arm  that offers users a wide range of movement
  • Measures 35.6cm high by 119cm wide by 17.4cm long

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