Dual LED Spot Gooseneck Light Source



Anser Dual LED spot gooseneck light are an excellent choice for any application requiring strong, even illumination.  The two gooseneck LED lights can be positioned to illuminate from multiple sides, eliminating shadows.  Spot lenses concentrate the light in a tighter area, ideal for illuminating into confined spaces and onto workspaces and reading materials.  The two 3-watt LED’s provide a warm and consistent light source without generating excessive heat.  The compact weighted base with built-in dimmer has a small footprint.  Light output is 3350 lux and color temperature is 3100K.

Model AN-DW12-LED-Spot-3W-Dual features two 12 inch goosenecks and includes a 12-volt power supply.

Model AN-DW18-LED-Spot-3W-Dual features two 18 inch goosenecks and includes a 12-volt power supply.

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Clinical, Education, Industrial, Life Science

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