Unitron Z10 Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope on E-LED Stand 11140, 131-13-12-NL

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The Unitron Z10 is ideal for numerous different applications. This model includes a 20 degree inclined binocular head with 10x/24mm focusing eyepieces. The optical path consists of a common main objective system with a magnification range between 8-80x (w/10x eyepieces and 1x plan objective) and a zoom ratio of 10:1. The zoom body is mounted on the E-LED coarse focusing stand with transmitted and reflected light.

Product Specifications:

  • 20 degree inclined binocular head
  • 10x/24mm fov eyepieces
  • Common main objective system
  • 10:1 zoom ratio
  • 8-80x magnification range
  • 1x plan objective
  • E-LED stand
  • Optional tilting head available
  • Optional trinocular head available
  • Dust cover

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Education, Industrial, Life Science



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Stereo Microscopes