Unitron Z650HR Zoom Stereo Microscope on S-LED Stand 13440





The Unitron Z650 zoom stereo microscope is ideal for industrial, biomedical, and educational applications. This model comes equipped with a trinocular head inclined at 30° and a built in .55x camera c-mount. The widefield eyepieces have a 10x magnification and a 23 millimeter field of view. The zoom ratio is 8:1, the magnification range is 6-50x (w/10x eyepieces) and it has a 115 millimeter working distance. The Z650HR comes on the S-LED stand which has 3 watt reflected and 6 watt transmitted LED light.  It has coaxial coarse and fine focusing.

Product Specifications:

  • Trinocular head with a 30° inclination
  • Widefield eyepieces 10x /23mm field of view
  • Built in camera port w/.55x c-mount
  • Zoom ratio of 8:1, 6-50x magnification
  • 115 mm working distance
  • Frosted, clear and black/white stage plates
  • S-LED stand, coarse and fine

Optional stands

  • Plain Focusing Stand
    • 76 mm focus mount
    • 100 mm focusing stroke
  • LED Reflected/Transmitted Illuminated Stand
    • 76 mm focus mount
    • 100 mm focusing stroke
    • LED illumination
  • Diascopic Stand/Transmitted Illumination Attachment
    • 76 mm focus mount
    • 100 mm focusing stroke
    • Clear glass plate
    • Tiltable mirror
    • Choice of halogen or fiber optic illumination
  • Pole Stand
    • 76 mm focus mount
    • 193 mm focusing stroke
    • Vertical clamp mounts

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Education, Industrial, Life Science



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