Motic SFC-11A N2GG Stereo Microscope





The microscopes in the Motic 11 series were designed for both students and technicians alike. The unique optics system of these microscopes allows for a three-dimensional view of any samples put beneath their state of the art objectives. The Motic SFC-11A N2GG has two widefield binocular 10x eyepieces at 45° inclination with a full 360° of rotation. The turret design on this model allows for a magnification of 10x and 20x with a working distance of 95 millimeters. This model features two halogen bulbs for reflected and transmitted illumination with an intensity control that can be tweaked at the user’s wish. The Motic SF-11A N2GG comes with a black/white and frosted glass stage plate complete with two stage clips to securely hold in place a sample. Any model in the SFC 11 series comes with a blue filter, and dust cover.

Product Specifications:

  • Stereo microscope with modern 3D optic technology
  • Widefield 10x eyepieces with an inclination of 45° and a rotation of 360°
  • Magnification of 10x or 20x
  • Black/White and frosted glass stage plates
  • Two stage clips
  • Two halogen bulbs with intensity control
  • A blue filter
  • Dust cover for hassle-free storage

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Education, Industrial, Life Science



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Stereo Microscopes