Mitutoyo 10x M Plan APO Objective, MIT378-803-3


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Mitutoyo 10x M Plan Apo long working distance objective (MIT378-803-3).  NA = 0.28, WD = 33.5.  Note:  Polarizing unit (MIT378-074) is required when using 1x lens.

The Mitutoyo 378 Series objectives have the world’s longest working distance and an infinity correction optical system. These objectives provide flexible observation at high magnifications and independent correction of chromatic aberration.

  • The long working distance objectives provide excellent clearance between the lens surface and the workpiece surface in focus, making it possible to observe workpieces which are usually hard-to-focus because of awkward projections.
  • The metallurgical plan apochromatic (M Plan Apo) objective provides a flat, chromatic aberration-free image throughout the field of view, making it suitable for any type of microscope.
  • Specially designed objectives also are available with correction for near-infrared radiation, near-ultraviolet radiation, and ultraviolet radiation, or various thicknesses of LCD screen glasses.
  • The mounting screw threads of objectives are designed to conform to JIS B-7141-1988.


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