Leica DM300 Classroom Binocular Microscope




The sleek and efficient design of the Leica DM300 microscope makes it one of the most ideal and widely used microscopes in college and university laboratories. Whether the student is an absolute beginner or advanced in their field, this modern yet timeless design of this microscope makes it a hassle-free experience every time. Complete with four objective lenses, specimens can be magnified up to 100x. The easily rotatable objective turret makes it easy for students to easily switch between examining specimens at 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x magnification. The binocular lenses and LED lighting are designed to make the viewer both comfortable and focused. The LED light below the stage is bright yet energy efficient with an average lifespan of over twenty years based on use. The same focus mechanism used on this design is the same used on similar clinical microscopes making this design one of the few to actually prepare students for the equipment they may be using in the future. This microscope is equipped with an easily adjustable stage, which can be moved easily both horizontally and vertically. The adjustable stage combined with the focus mechanism makes the viewing experience both comfortable and clear even at the highest magnification. The compact design of this product makes it easy to store. Yet, Leica DM300 is still large enough to be comfortable and used in universities all around the world.

Product Specifications:

  • The microscope measures 362mm high by 230mm wide.
  • Comfortable binocular tube
  • Four world-class magnifying lenses which magnify a specimen 4x, 10x, 40x or 100x.
  • The same focus mechanism used in professional and clinical microscopes.
  • A long lasting and energy efficient LED light
  • A stage which can be easily adjusted both horizontally and vertically

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Compound Microscopes


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